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January 1, 2008

San Miguel Viejo

This week we rented bicycles, after being told by a friend that there are trails out of San Miguel into the countryside, around the lake, to the hot springs and around the campo.

Click on the last photo to view all the photos of our ride into the countryside and the original chapel of San Miguel de Allende

For those of you who have never been to San Miguel de Allende, it is a hilly (often steep) town with rock cobblestones on most streets. Neither of us had ridden a bicycle in a few years and the rental company was at the top of town so our first 10 minutes of riding was on bumpy rocks (more commonly and thought of as ‘charming’ cobblestones). Straight downhill.

We were weaving back and forth, like little children new to bicycles, and had to wind our way down Canal street, past the bus station on the way out of town, down to the train station and off into the countryside.

Once outside of town we were on more bumpy roads going past very small enclaves of houses, and eventually into San Miguel Viejo where San Miguel was founded by Fray Juan de San Miguel in 1542, a part of the Antiguo Camino Real, the silver route from Zacatecas.

Once inside San Miguel Viejo, we had to keep asking directions to the original church (chapel) of San Miguel, and discovered this little gem of a church near the lake. Although the doors were locked, we were able to photograph the nativity behind the altar

through the keyhole, as you will see lin the photos in the slideshow.

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