Have You Tried Out Our New Store?

After many months of getting it ready, the shopping area is up and running. We are concurrently running our old and new store but want you to switch over and bookmark our new store asap because our old store will go down in a few weeks. Read below for some of our new features.

The new URL is Here: http://shop.mexicanfolkart.com/

Sign up for an account to access the following features:
1. Wishlist
2. Access online your order status, shipping and tracking.
3. Access online return authorizations
4. Compare products with other products.
5. Mobile access through your iphone, ipad, blackberry.
6. Request new merchandise or special orders
7. Live Chat
8. Updated zoom photo features
9. Customer loyalty program, coming in July – repeat customers will receive special discounts.
10. Click the facebook like button to show your friends pieces that you like
11.  Watch videos of your favorite artisans making pieces that you can purchase
12.  Tales from the Road Blog – go to Info/Tales From The Road
Coming over the next several years:
Watch for new videos of artisans working as we re-live the first few years of our travels through Mexico in search of  Mexican Folk Art.  In the next several years, we will be visiting all of our old artisans to capture their stories on video and in words.  We’ll be focusing on how their lives have changed over the last 15 years and how their work is changing.   Artisans such as the Aguilar families of Oaxaca, the Jimenez families in Arrazola, the Castillo families of Izucar plus papel amate artisans, tin workers of both Oaxaca and San Miguel de Allende and more.  Watch for new merchandise from all of these artisans over the next year.

We’ll update you with the stories here, as we travel throughout Mexico.

© Dos Mujeres Mexican Folk Art 2011
all rights reserved


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