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February 14, 2009

Artist Studio Specials

This week we made a visit
To the painting taller of Aron and Oscar.
They paint our custom retablos
As well as colonial style and kitschy
Pieces on wood, tin and old windows and doors.

Below, are a few of the pieces
That they have asked us to sell for them.
They will be sold at a special artist studio price
And as you order them, they will ship 
From here in Mexico, allow 2-3 weeks
For delivery.  
You’ll find these in our ‘New Arrivals
On our website – Dos Mujeres Mexican Folk Art 

These unique wood crosses 
Are atop wood stands which are
Made from old wood beams
Some have glass in front of saints images
Others, allegorical crosses atop retablo paintings
These are some of the more unique crosses
We have come across in a long time
And hope you enjoy them!

p1030830_resized           p1030828_resized

p1030827_resized  p1030825_resized

p1030823_resized  p1030822_resized

p1030820_resized  Wood cross over retablo

Along with these unique pieces
Are new talavera from the artist studi0 In Guanajuato. This talavera catrina plate will be sold from the artist studio only & will ship up to the states when your order is placed and then out to you.


Talavera Catrina Plate

Talavera Catrina Plate