The Independencia – Mexico’s Independence Day

It’s late August, and the flags and patriotic memorabilia are out on the streets of Mexico. Here are some pictures of the various flag stands in San Miguel and Dolores Hidalgo. The Mexican Independencia is a major event all over Mexico with music, fireworks, the Grito being sung out on balconies all over the country at 10 P.M. There isn’t a dry eye in the crowd. There are two more weeks before the Independencia & more Pictures to come, as the weeks progress.

Vendor with her flag


Flags flying, downtown San Miguel

Downtown Dolores Hidalgo – Mannequins & flags on the street.

Flags, hats, caps, whistles & horns on every corner.

Jicama and flag Vendor

Mexican Flag in tinsel on the municipal building,

Dolores Hidalgo

Even outside the main downtown in Dolores, more flags

The bandstand is decorated, ready to go

El dia de los abuelos — August 28th, grandparents day, celebrated

in style in the Zocolo, Dolores Hidalgo, with a full band and dancing

in the street.

It’s early, but the dancing has started, 2 pm to ‘Besame Mucho’

The band members

An elderly abuela, sitting , eating her lunch under the portales.

© All rights reserved, September 2007, Dos Mujeres Mexican Folk Art


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