Viernes de Dolores, Friday of Sorrows

Friday of Sorrows,

Viernes de Dolores, Semana Santa

The friday before palm Sunday

The flower markets begin early in the morning

spreads out into the street corners of town.

The women who sell tortillas and cheese in the markets transform their stalls with purple and white flowers, grass which is sold in cans or plastic bags, manzanilla and oranges to be sold for personal altars that will be open to the streets in the evening for viewing by the public.

Vendors set up in the streets for the day

Typical purple and white paper flower decorations

At dusk, all of the altars are unveiled, and thousands walk the streets to view our lady of Dolores, Mary of sorrows. The altars are simple to elaborate, with statues, photos or young girls in live altars portraying Mary.

This is an altar in a store window, notice the backpacks and toys hung over the altar

A public fountain dressed up in flowers and a life size mary praying to Jesus on the cross by candlight

A young girl next to the altar in a private home

Live depiction of the virgen de Dolores

18th century statues in a private home

© All rights reserved, April 2006, Dos Mujeres Mexican Folk Art


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